Friday, May 1, 2015

Miracles Happen

Nikki's email from April 27th!

"We had a fun dinner appointment the other night with all six missionaries.  The family that had us over speaks Spanish, so they were helping me remember a few things"

"The forest we walk through to get to church--it's finally green!"

Hey everybody!

This week was wonderful and full of miracles.

Last Monday, we were waiting to wait up with a girl who was going to interview us for an article about LDS missionaries. While we were waiting, we ran into Danny, who Sister Young and I had met before--we had given him a Book of Mormon and gotten his address, but when we visited the address it was his Mom's house and he wasn't home. Anyways, we ended up teaching him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon (the first lesson we usually teach people) and set a baptismal date with him right there on the park bench. It was so cool. He told me "When I look at you I feel happiness. As you talk about these things I can just feel and see the happiness that is in you. And I want that happiness." It was such a wonderful experience.

Tuesday we had a lesson with Nathalie. I was on exchanges with the sisters from Gent--I was in Antwerpen with Sister Begazo (she taught me how to beat box by the way :) ). It was such a great lessons about faith, repentance, baptism and the  gift of the Holy Ghost. She loves talking with us and reading in the Book of Mormon. She said that she was ready to set a goal date to be baptized--so we did! She has a lot of steps to take to get there, but she is excited to take all of those steps, and she knows that she has us and Heavenly Father to help each step of the way.

Wednesday, we had a lesson with Ann. The Zone Leaders came with so that they could  give her a priesthood blessing, which was really great. We talked with her about what will happen after this life, and how important what we do here is. We talked with her about baptism and why it is so important. We set a goal baptismal date with her! She is a bit nervous to tell her family about it, but she knows that she is not alone.

The rest of the week was great as well--we met with Sena, a less active, who is really sick. The Zone Leaders came again to give her a blessing, which was so needed. She has such a good heart and it was so sad to see her so sick. She was too sick to even go around the corner from her apartment building and  buy groceries, so we got some things for her. We met with Shilpa as well, who is also a less active. She is so kind and good and such a good example to me of serving others. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity and privilege I have to be a full-time missionary. I love loving people and helping them feel God's love. I love meeting God's children and helping them realize their potential and worth. And I know that miracles happen--Heavenly Father's hand is in each of our lives, we just need to look.

I love you all! I will forward you the article that was written about Sister Whittington and I
Zuster Thomas

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