Friday, May 1, 2015

Give it all to Him

Nikki's email from April 20th!

"Zr Young and I went to a lekker "chocolate bar"--um...yeah, it was delicious.  I miss that girl! We had such a great transfer together"

"the Elders at Steffany's..."


This week was a bit nuts but great. The last couple of days with Zuster Young before she got transferred were great--we got to meet with Lynn (she's doing awesome, she had her big soccer game yesterday so we'll find out soon how that went!) on Monday and that night we went to Stefanny's house and had fufu and sang together--she put videos on facebook--Mom said she saw them. It was so fun :) Fufu is an African's was like the ultimate play-with-your-food meal. 

We met with Agnes this week as well--she is such a superstar. She had a friend over when we met with her, and her friend is Muslim. We share with them the Easter video and afterwards, Agnes turned to her friend and said "You need to become Christian. You need Jesus in your life." and went on to testify of Christ and how the Church has changed her life. She has such a beautiful way of expressing her feelings. And she always calls us her guardian angels. She's the best. 

Ann is doing So well--we met with her on Tuesday and had such a good lesson about recognizing the Spirit and also going over her questions about baptism. I love meeting with Ann because it feel like we're all good friends having a great discussion about the gospel. She drove us to and from Stake Conference yesterday (it was in Brussels) and we had a great chat about baptism and her family. She is afraid that her family will think she's crazy if she tells them she wants to be baptized--but she started talking to her dad about it!

We met with Dirck and Christel two times this past week--they are less actives that we work with. We are starting to give them English lessons--we read out of the English Book of Mormon with them and teach them how to pray in English and things like that. Dirck actually came to church! It was exciting. 

We met with Nathalie this past week as well. I LOVE meeting with her--she gets so excited about talking with us. She is a bit nervous about going to Church and being baptized, but she knows it'll come as she takes it step by step. She really wants to bring her kids to church.

We meet with this woman named Zuster Nuyens once a week--the ward asked us to meet with her; she is an older single woman who is pretty lonely. It's always a kind of funny experience there. She doesn't talk much at all so we have to try pretty hard to get a good conversation about the gospel going. We looked up a referral by her house afterwards and the woman, Sonya, was so cool! She let us in and we taught her the first lesson. She is excited to learn more. She also had chickens in her backyard and asked if we wanted to take one home. I said I would but I was nervous about the egg breaking in my bag. Anyways, you know, normal life.

We had a great dinner/lesson with Natasha this past week--she is so wonderful. Her aunt is a member and encouraged Natasha to keep the sabbath day holy-meaning no shopping on Sunday mostly. Natasha has been doing that for 8 weeks now and talked a lot about the blessings she has seen in her life. She asked us how she can improve her prayers and we gave her some ideas--she was so excited about it. Also she made us Roti sooo that was wonderful.

Also I got to see Zr Faa this past week--she is in Breda now with Zr Robbins (she's in my MTC group) and they slept over after the saturday stake conference session. It was so fun to see them.

One thing I've learned and continue to keep learning on my mission is that we need to give it all to the Lord. Our fears, hopes, selfish desires, weaknesses, talents, time--everything to Him. He will make us whole--He will heal, guide, cleanse and comfort us. He knows us--He knows our heart, our struggles--He knows how to perfectly comfort and guide us. 

I love you all!
Zuster Thomas

Also I got a blessing yesterday--my head has gotten quite a bit worse the past few days unfortunately. 

In the blessing I was blessed with:
Peace and comfort, that I may be healed, may go further in missionary work and health won't hold me back

It won't be easy but the Lord will provide a way. The Lord will trust and help me. Peace and send of trust. All will be ok with my head, eventually will be ok. 

This is a precious work and the Lord needs me.

Blessed with the Spirit and an extra push to keep going.

The Lord wants me to know that He's proud of me, that He listens and knows and understands me and my needs. As I remember that I will feel His love more in my life

He is grateful for my example and selfless service and He loves me

It was such a great blessing--I thought I would share it :) love you all!

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