Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Time for Healing

As many of you know, I recently came back home for health reasons. I thought I'd tell you all what led up to me coming back.

On November 28th, while biking to an appointment, I was hit by a car. The woman who hit me wasn't paying attention and forgot to check for bikers. My bike was "taco-ed," and I was left with some scratches along with whiplash. The woman who hit me was very sweet and helped pay for a new bike.

 On December 26, while biking across a bridge, I hit a patch of black ice and fell--I don't remember the fall, but my companion still cringes when she thinks of it. I hit my head and got pretty bruised up. The concussion was a lot more serious than we initially thought, and I was on bed rest for about two weeks. 

My view while on bedrest

  After trying to get back into work, my symptoms were getting worse--I had to go to the ER a couple of times and each time they wouldn't see me. After much effort and time we finally got an appointment, a CT scan and MRI scan that told us there was no permanent damage. With time, some symptoms got better, others not. 

 It was a daily struggle to work with the pain--we tried to find solutions to ease the pain and to figure out its source. For almost 5 months I did my best to work with the pain, but I was never able to work a full day (the amount of time I could work became less over time)--me and my companion did our best to use what time we could work the most effectively, and we saw many miracles. But the pain wasn't lessening-- the mission medical team suggested that I could have severe whiplash, which I got in both accidents. Treatment would include physical therapy, which wasn't available for me there. My mission president, along with the mission medical team, suggested that I return home to receive treatment.

I feel so blessed to live in Rochester, MN, where we have such an incredible hospital--the Mayo Clinic. I had an appointment my first day home, and the doctor told us that I have severe whiplash and lingering concussion symptoms. She said, "You really got your bell rung." The main source of all the pain comes from intense muscle spasms in my neck, which is from the whip lash. I will be starting physical therapy this coming week, and I am looking forward to feeling some relief from the pain. 

I am so grateful for the time and experiences I have had while serving as a missionary--my experiences have helped me realize just how much I love serving the Lord and His children. Thank you all for your love, support and prayers as I go through this time of healing.


  1. I am so glad you came home for treatment Nikki! This is definitely the kind of thing you need to have taken care of and fixed in the right way. The Lord does work in mysterious ways and I am sure there is a profound reason for having this trial in your life right now. We loved seeing you in church yesterday and hope you heal up soon!! -Shelly Stoddard

    1. Thank you Shelly--sorry we didn't get to chat yesterday--sacrament meeting was a bit much for me so we snuck out pretty quickly afterwards. Can't wait to see you all and catch up!

  2. Zuster Thomas... you are in our thoughts and prayers. We have been following your blog weekly, our daughter is Zuster Bush. You are an amazing and inspiring young woman. May you receive the blessings of healing so that you may continue your mission. Our love to you!

  3. Thank you Carolyn--I absolutely love your daughter, she is a light to all around her!