Monday, May 4, 2015

He can help us bear our burdens

Nikki's email from today, May 4th!


Hey Fam!

This week was an adventure with lots of lessons both taught and learned. 

We had a great lesson with Ann this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how the Gospel is the path provided for us so that we can be the happiest we can be, and so that we can return to God. She asked us at the end of the lesson if we could ask our "boss" (she meant our mission president) if we could travel with her to Gent later in the week. We called President, pretty sure he would say no, but he said that we could go--he said it was a good way to support an investigator with a baptismal date and that we could teach her a lesson on the way (that was the plan beforehand). So we went to her to Gent later in the week--it was beautiful! And we had a really good lesson with her on the way there. And she helped us find a new potential investigator! She said she wanted to see how we do missionary work, and so on the train we talked with a woman from Africa and got her information. The African woman wanted to do corn-rose on my hair...we'll see about that...

We finally met with Myriam this past week--it's taken a while to be able to meet because she lives pretty far away and she's been busy. Myriam wrote herself out of the church a long time ago but really wants to come back. She has a tender heart and has had some special experiences in her life that helped guide her back to the Church. She was so excited to meet with us--she just soaked everything up like a sponge--she knew most of the things we talked about, but she really wanted to understand everything--we ended up going through all of the first three lessons with her in one sitting, and it was so great. She has such an open and kind heart. She had us stay for dinner and we met her husband and son--both non-members, and we had a great time. They have bunnies for pets in their backyard, just hopping around. Anyways, Sister Whittington and I thought that was funny. 

We had a great lesson with Natasha this past week--Sister Vanwawa, a sweet woman from our ward, came along with us. We talked about fasting and tithing, and after we talked about that Natasha talked about how she has a hard time finding time for herself to read, pray and go to church when she works so much and also has to take care of her children. Sister Vanwawa shared some special experiences about when she worked and raised her children as a single mom. 

Unfortunately my health hasn't been too great this past week, but as I talked with Sister Robinson throughout the week, we talked about how we need to consider and use the strengthening part of the Atonement, not just the healing part, in this healing process. The Lord does not always take pains or burdens away--sometimes he strengthens us instead. I have been striving to access and use that strengthening power. I have been studying grace lately, and I encourage you all to do the same. The Lord is not waiting for us to reach a certain required point of righteousness or worthiness until he will help us. He is right next to you, right now, ready to help you. He loves you as you are right now.

I love you all and I love being a missionary. 
Zuster Thomas

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