Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lead Kindly Light

 Familie Schiltz (They have us over for dinner every Sunday)
 Zuster Faa!
 Zuster Johanson
 Zuster Goodman
 Zuster Hanny
 A good chunk of our MTC group
 Typical Elder selfie
 Elder Nye and Elder Childs (the zone leaders in Antwerpen)
 Elder Ames and Zuster Faa (we served in Zoetermeer together)
Zuster Fleming!


 Zuster Nuyens
 Broeder Nuyens
Zuster Whittington, Elder Childs, Elder Nye

Hey everybody!

This will be a quick email, but I just wanted to share some thoughts about this past week and coming home. It's been a big emotional rollercoaster, but Heavenly Father has helped me feel an inner peace. I trust Him, His timing and His plan.

 We had a great lesson with Nathalie about the word of wisdom--she has already slowed her smoking way down (before we even committed her to) and is so excited to be baptized.

On Friday, we had MLC (mission leader council--the zone leaders and sister training leaders throughout the whole mission meet at the mission home). I was so excited to discuss how we can improve the mission, and I wanted to go and put all of our plans into action. But I knew I couldn't. That was hard, but then this question came to mind--don't I want to leave loving missionary work with all of my heart, wanting to go out and do all I can? Anyways, after the general council, the sister training leaders went upstairs to meet with Sister Robinson--she had me bear my testimony at the end, and it was a special moment. I have made so many dear dear friends on my mission, and I am so grateful.

Sunday was a special day--I love this ward so much--the people are great...a little nuts...but wonderful and so kind. The opening song was "Lead Kindly Light" which has a special place in my heart. My first Sunday at BYU, when I was missing home and feeling lonely, that song was sung in my first sacrament meeting there. It brought such comfort and peace. My last Sunday at BYU, it was sung as well. My first Sunday in the MTC--Lead Kindly Light. And then again yesterday. I felt such comfort and peace. The Bishop asked me to bear my testimony, and I spoke about Lead Kindly Light. Heavenly Father will always guide us. He can see the big picture, and always wants what is best for us. Even though it breaks my heart to leave, I know that Heavenly Father has a plan, and that the Savior knows of my struggles, hopes and pain.

I love you all, and I love being a missionary. Even without a nametag on, I will continue to serve the Lord however I can.

Zuster Thomas

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