Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's about the people

Sorry I've gotten behind at posting these again! Here is Nikki's email from November 17th!


"Zwarte Pete"

Hallo! How's it going?
Well, this week was a lot better. Zuster Westland, our mini missionary, is pretty much a Dutch fairy--she is so cheery and quirky and Dutch. She is really good at lifting people's spirits. Zuster Hoff is actually going to the Office today to go home, so it'll be me and Zuster Westland until the end of the transfer!
Well, Wouter is getting baptized this coming week! We're so excited!!! We also helped him with his cows last week--it was awesome! I'll send pictures. We had two great lessons with him this past week too, and he's excited to be baptized!
Mos, a recent convert, made us his special spaghetti, and he gave us all TONS of spaghetti, I could only eat about half of my plate, it was nuts. He is a really sweet man from Iran, he really loves people and the gospel. And Irene, one of our investigators, came along. She is doing well and came to church yesterday!
We met with a less active woman from Peru the other day, and her 10 year old son came into the room and said he wants to get the lessons and be baptized!! It was really cool. She also has a really cute 3 year old daughter.
Our other investigators are doing well, Irek came to church yesterday and we made dinner with him and the Elders last night. We met with a woman named Ehrari and talked with her about the Book of Mormon and what we believe in, and she is really interested to learn more! Her son also wants to learn more.
We meet with a less active woman and her daughters once a week usually, and yesterday when we met with them we helped them set a baptismal date for her 8 year old daughter, Samantha! We've been teaching her lessons because her mom wanted her to be ready to be baptized.
We saw Sinter Klaus!!!! There was a little parade in the centrum, and so we went and gave out cards and talked to people, then took a few pictures of the parade. It was really fun! They had zwarte petes everywhere too.
This week I really learned a lot. I learned to love people more--even strangers, and that everything I'm doing is about the people around me--to help them come closer to Jesus Christ. And I love it.
Zuster Thomas

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