Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

Nikki's email from March 2nd, sorry it's so late!

"Lucie and her family! (Rudd, her husband, Thomas, and Rosana)

"Darma (Rens and Victoria's daughter) on the left and Flora"

"Zuster Uljee and Zuster Rol"

"The Panhuyzens! They are hilarious"

"Irek came to church! I called him and told him I would probably be transferred, so he said "Even if I break my leg I will come to church"...and then he put his hand on my shoulder...we had to tell him it was against the rules."

"Peter! He is a recently baptized member--the Elders taught him"

"Elfride and her kids--we had a great lesson with them too! Samantha is actually paying attention now and Elfride comes to church regularly--I'll really miss them!

"Irene! We had a really good lesson with her this past week too. She's wonderful."

"apple pie!"

"This means wet in dutch, but I thought it was funny and it reminded me of Nat"

"Marleny, Rumi and Aysana"

"beautiful day!"

"Jimmy and Jetty!"

"Marleney again"
"Rens, Veronica, and Darma!"

"Wouter and Suzanna1"

Well, I am going to Antwerpen, Beligum as a Sister Training Leader (I will be over the sisters in the Antwerpen Zone, going on a lot of exchanges, doing trainings and going to a lot of'll be great!). I will be companions with Zuster Young, who came here at the same time as Zuster Faasavalu--they are actually really good friends from the MTC. I am excited to serve and love the people in Belgium! I will be sad to leave these people though, but the Lord is really helping me feel ok with leaving Zoetermeer.

This past week has been so great--everything that happened really helped me feel at peace when I found out about transfers. We had a great lessons with Wouter this past week about obedience--he is just amazing, I am so grateful to know him. We had a special moment when we talked about it possibly being my last time at his house. I told him how grateful I am to know him and to have been able to see him change. Suzanna--who has helped SO much by coming on joint teach and befriending Wouter. She has come with us to Wouter's since Zuster Westland was my companion. Anyways, it was a very special lesson, and we all were pretty emotional. Wouter said ''I will miss my favorite cow!'' Hopefully I can get permission to email him. I have a lot of email addresses from people here, so it'll be nice to be able to keep in contact with people from here.

Jimmy and Jetty made us Roti this past week and it was delicious--they are so great, we had a good talk with them about their religious background--they are really funny, always making sure that we have enough food. Their son was there too and will hopefully come to church soon.
Zuster Uljee is so great, she came to church yesterday! She loves coming to church and the members here love her so much. We had a great lesson with her this past week about the Atonement and the joy that comes through the gospel.

Zuster Van der Scheer made us apple pie this past friday since we knew I was probably going to be leaving. She is so wonderful--I will miss her a lot.

We had a couple of great lessons with Marleny and Rumi (she is a less active and her son is an investigator) and we set a baptismal date with Rumi for 5 June. Marleny is wonderful, and Rumi has a really good heart. We found them a ride to church as well, so hopefully they will come this Sunday. Marleny has a little 4 year old girl named Aysana, and she is ADORABLE. I will miss them.
Lucie is wonderful--her and Rosana will be baptized in the near future--I will miss them so much!

I am so grateful for the people here and the experiences I have had in Zoetermeer. The people here will always be in my heart. Earlier this week I was pretty nervous and a little broken hearted about leaving Zoetermeer, but yesterday everything seemed to come together. I feel at peace with what I've done here, and I am grateful for that. The Lord has helped me to not be afraid, but believing.

I love you all! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and letters and presents!

Zuster Thomas

Also we had Zone Conference and watched meet the mormons! It was AMAZING!

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