Saturday, February 28, 2015

True believers offer sacrifices to the Lord

Nikki's email from February 16th!




"De Zuster--we found this in Delft!"

"We also went to the tallest building in Den Haag for lunch with our district last p-day!"

"from the top!

Hey everybody!

This past week was wonderful--I just love these people so much, and every time I meet with anyone here, my love for them grows and I feel my gratitude increase for the opportunity I have to be a missionary here.

Last P-day, we went to Delft! It was fun to go back there again; it is a really pretty old city. We climbed up the tower in an old church (we did that last time too) and I got a couple of Delft blauw things (a teacup and a cute little windmill thing--I will probably send those home soon). We got Zuster Faa and Zuster Huber (the sister from Den Haag that was with us for a little bit) to eat harring--brought back some not so delicious memories.

We had a really wonderful lesson with Lucie this past week. It was just her and her daughter this time, so it was a lot easier to have a more focused lesson. We brought a glass jar, sugar, and three random objects. I told Rosanna, her daughter, to put the sugar in and then try to fit the three objects in--it didn't work. Then we took everything out, put the three objects in first, and then the sugar, and it all fit. We talked about putting the more important things first in our life--a.k.a. the gospel. They made their own goals on how they could put the gospel first in their life--the spirit was there in that lesson and we had a really great discussion on baptism as well. It's Lucie's birthday tomorrow! And Zuster Van der Scheer's!

Jimmy and Jetti had us over for dinner this past week and we had a great lesson with them afterwards. We talked about the Atonement--something I have been studying lately, and it was a really great discussion. Their son, Joey, has been listening more and more to our lessons, and he asks a lot of questions. In this past appointment, he even helped explain something to his dad. Hopefully they will get to church really soon--we've been working hard on getting them to come. They are so sweet--they always feed us--I feel like they're my Surinamese grandparents :)

We worked in Den Haag a little as well this week, since no Sister missionaries were there--I loved getting to know the investigators and members there a little better.

We had our first lesson with George! It was really great. He is so enthusiastic about life and faith--we're looking forward to our next lesson with him.

This past Saturday during our studies, I had the distinct impression to call Irene, and when I did, she told me that she was really ill. The Zone leaders were coming to work with us for a little bit that day, so we asked her if she wanted a blessing--she said yes, so we came over. We had a really wonderful spiritual experience with her. We talked about the priesthood, about healing and faith. The blessing the Elders gave her was really beautiful. She said that she felt better after the blessing as well.

The musical group of Elders were in Zoetermeer the past few days meeting with the members in our ward--and on Saturday we went with them to Zuster Uljee's. She looks so much happier and brighter--she told us that she was buoyed up after coming to church and that she will keep coming. It was a great appointment.

We went and worked at Wouter's again this past week! President even came. It was pretty fun--Dad would have loved it.

Now, about the title for the week. Like I said earlier, I have been studying the Atonement a little this past week, and in the Bible dictionary it talks about how true believers offered sacrifices to the Lord. As we sacrifice something we may want now for what God wants for us, we become true believers--we strengthen our faith in Him and receive blessings. And His plan for us is always better than our own.

I love all of you and I love being a missionary!

Zuster Thomas

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