Monday, January 12, 2015

It's about love

Nikki's email from January 5!

Well, this week has been an adventure--we had to stay in for a lot of the week because of my concussion, but we did get out to meet with some people--unfortunately it was still too much for me. We've kept President and Sister Robinson updated, and the doctor said that we need to treat it as a serious concussion and that I need to stay in until Sunday. It's hard and painful, but we're still seeing miracles. Even just this morning, as we were waiting for the tram and one of our investigators was there--we got to chat with her while we waited and on the tram.
Now onto the happy parts of the week--Ashil was baptized! He had a big smile on his face the whole time, especially when he was baptized. I asked him how he felt right after, and he thought for a minute, smiled and said "blij." I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I didn't pass out, so that was good. He received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday--so special. He has such a good heart.
Well, sorry that my week wasn't too exciting--this coming week will be full of my laying and trying to get un-concussed. The Sister missionaries in Den Haag are coming one day this week so that Sister Faa and one of them can go out and work and the other will stay with me. The members are taking good care of us.
One thing I learned this week is that it's really all about love. I love these people, I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father. Even though I have a lot of weaknesses an make a lot of mistakes--even though I'm imperfect, love makes it enough. Jesus Christ makes it all enough. And I am so grateful for that.
I love you all and pray for you every day. I'll do my best to heal quickly and take care of myself. I received a priesthood blessing last week, and in the blessing I was promised that Heavenly Father would take over until I could again be an instrument in His hands.
Zuster Thomas

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