Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Above all, we are His"-Jean A. Stevens

Nikki's letter from October 20th. Sadly, she still can't get pictures to upload!

Hallo! Ahhh I was so excited to get online and see pictures of sweet Kate--I've been looking forward to it all week! Please give her tons of kisses and hugs for me. She is so beautiful!
This week has been a little chaotic, we did so many awesome things! Before I forget though, there is a video that the Church shared on their Facebook page that you need to watch--it is about a girl in our ward here in Almere! Her name is Madelon and I guess the video shares her conversion story--I haven't seen it yet but you should watch it! She is so friendly and fun, I love talking to her.
So, the week started off with an awesome lesson with Michelle--she said that when/if she receives a confirmation that the Church is true, she will definitely for sure get baptized--so we're just helping her learn and feel the joy that the gospel brings, and help her know how to receive an answer. She is so amazing, and Yarina (Michelle's best friend) is so key in our lessons.
Also, last p-day, Sister Packer, the Elders and I got matching sweaters..they have a gingerbreadman on them and one of his legs is broken off and he is saying "uhoh"..it's really cozy...and Sister Packer and I got matching slippers...I wish I could send pictures! Our Church computer is still broken.
On Wednesday we got to go to the temple!!! Wow I love the temple. The temple here is small, which I love--it reminded me a little of the temple in Minnesota, which was so nice. I felt close to Heavenly Father, and I felt at home in the temple, which has helped me feel more at home here in the Netherlands. It was so good to see people from my MTC group too. It was just an awesome day. After temple conference, Sister Packer went to Zoetermeer and Sister Hoff came with me to Almere! It was kinda stressful to run the city for exchanges, but we got everywhere we needed to go, taught the people we were scheduled to, and we contacted a ton! It was fun!
I also got to go to Belgium on Friday! My MTC group had to go to Brussels for legality things, and it was so awesome! Man, Brussels is GORGEOUS. I really wish I could send pictures of Brussels. We stayed for about an hour before we did our legality things and left, so we got to try some yummy treats and look around a tiny bit. I had a Belgian waffle--ok, SO good...waffle love does a pretty good job too by the way--and Sister Voss and I shared some frites (fries..I could only eat a few, they weren't my thing, but they were pretty good), and we also shared a little bit of Australian ijsje (icecream), which was really yummy...it was an ïndulge"day for food...I think it was definitely worth it though. It was so fun to see everyone from my MTC group!! It felt like a little missionary family reunion.
We had our Jovo (Jonge Volwassene..it means YSA basically) Zumba activity, which was great! Not very many people came, but we got Vanessa (our less active) to come! It was awesome and really fun.
Thank you so much for the care package!!! I was so excited as I looked through it--you packed so many of my favorite things--thank you!! And I LOVE getting letters in the mail, it is so fun! I need to buy stamps--I have letters ready to send home but no stamps yet.
Also, I have exciting news!! Sister Packer will have a 4 hour layover in MN when she flies home!!!!! I will give more details next Monday, but I was thinking if Heather had some time maybe she could drop off a Chipotle burrito or something? We can talk more about it next week. It's pretty cool though!!
I read the title quote today and I love it. We are simply His, and that means everything. Above our weaknesses, shortcomings, faults, mistakes, etc...we are His. He loves us. I just love that. God is so loving and good.
I love you all so much. I am so grateful to have such a loving and supportive family.
Zuster Thomas

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