Sunday, September 14, 2014

Time goes by fast, make each day count

Nikki's last letter to us before she goes to the Netherlands tomorrow!

"Sister Bush--she's the best :)"

"massage train!"

"two of the Danish sisters--I'm their sister training leader--so basically I'm just there for them when they need me! I love them!"(talking about the picture above and below)

"Sister Noorda--she was in my ward at BYU!"

Dierbare familie,
I can't believe this is my last email I'll send you here at the MTC! It's gone by so fast...and kinda slow too, it's totally a time warp here. I'm really going to miss the people here and the awesome devotionals. I won't be quite as sad to say goodbye to the brick walls and the food ;). I have learned so much here and I'm so grateful for each day I've had here. 

The past couple of days have been really busy, and unfortunately we haven't had as much study time and exercise time as usual--I forgot to tell you that Sister Whittington and I are Sister Training Leaders for the Danish district, and yesterday some of the girls really needed someone to talk to, so we spent a lot of time last night trying to help them out. I really felt like I was able to help and comfort them, which was a really great blessing, because it's kind of terrifying that I'm going to be in the Netherlands in just a couple days! I'm so so excited too, but it's a little scary. 

On Wednesday, I saw one of my dear friends, Sarah Linford, on our way to the temple. She was reporting to the MTC that day and I had no idea! I saw her with her family and we had a slow mo kind of run towards each other. We hugged and cried and it was so wonderful. Heavenly Father is so good to us. 

It was really fun to meet Nick yesterday[our brother Josh's friend and roomate]! We were actually going to be driven by another man, but I saw Nick come up and talk to our driver and I said "Hey! You're Nick! You're my brother's roommate!" and so then he drove us. He filled me in a little on how Josh is doing and how his date went (hint hint Josh, you should write me about your life soon). It was really fun and a tender mercy. Sister Whittington tore a muscle in her shoulder area and had to go to the chiropractor--she's good to go to the Netherlands. 


Zuster Thomas

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